Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm a poet...and I didn't know it :)

Ok, so I wouldn't give myself "poet" status, but I did write a poem.
Lillie,Brett's cousin, asked me to help her with a scrapbook project
for junior high. They read a famous poem and were then supposed to
write their own about where they're from. 4 family members could
contribute a poem as well to the scrapbook she asked me to write one.
and I did.

Here it is:

I'm from "two babies"-surprise, it's twins!
Tiny bodies,
immensely close spirits

I'm from the giggles of three sisters,
Secret talks, imaginations running wild,
Best friends for life

I'm from supper 'round the table
Sara pie, daddy's name just for me,
the gentle guidance of momma

I'm from "all things work together for good"
Do your best
And learnin' to love Jesus

I'm from the clink of tea parties with Grandma,
The reelin' in of fishing with Papaw,
The sounds of childhood adventure

I'm from leavin' home to find independence
Learning, growing,
Winning at lifelong friends

I'm from the classroom as teacher
Challenges and victories
Lessons no book can contain

I'm from falling in love
Farm livin'
And rose-colored glasses, rosy world or not

I'm from coming full circle,
giving my daughter
part of her own
"where I'm from" story to tell


steph said...

LOVE. this poem and you. perfect.

Becca said...

love it, you're so creative! brought a tear to my eye :)

SydneeB said...

ditto to what your friend Steph said =)