Friday, July 29, 2011


This week I met Jana and the kids at Barnes and Noble for our weekly outing. Caleb was having a great time playing "hide and seek" in these trees. He would "hide" and I would "seek"....all the while we were standing right across from each other and he was trying to hide behind these skinny trees. haha! :)
Anna Ruth all dressed up for town!

Doesn't this make you want to come over for dinner at my house? (is that the fire alarm I hear?! Oh, only a close call)
I cooked bacon-wrapped asparagus for dinner last night and we had Jack over to eat with us (the reason for such a large amount of asparagus-I had two Torbett men to feed! ) :) It was great to have Anna spend time with her Uncle Jack.
You never know what you'll find at the farm! Creepers and crawlers galore!

If these don't melt your heart I just don't know what will.
Our girl is smiling!!!!!!
Happy 6 weeks to Anna Ruth tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Anna Ruth had a pretty good fist pump for vacation!

and cuddle with Daddy!Anna Ruth slept like a pro during a dinner at Red Lobster, which was delicious and relaxing!A smile? Look at that hand go! Such an active, busy girl...

Bright eyes....
All this vacationing must be hard work!

Ooops-This one ended up on here twice but it was just too cute to take off.

We're training her right.....Bass Pro Shop. :)
I had a delicious salad at Cantina Lorado at the Branson Landing...
On the way home we got to visit Steph and Ingrid! (and see Derek for a minute too) It was so neat to meet Ingrid for the first time and see her beautiful smile and hear her sweet voice. I so enjoyed this visit. :)
We met a nice retired couple at breakfast on our trip...they were from Kansas, headed to Arkansas to stay at Beaver Lake in a few weeks. They said they'd wave to us :)
We had attention, and lots of it, every. single. place. we went! Anna Ruth draws a crowd :) and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The sunshine of my life

We had friends over Saturday night! Caleb wanted in on the picture too, of course!
There's all kinds of fun at the Torbett house!
Anna Ruth made her own new friend this weekend...
and no, she's not sleeping in her crib with this giant bear. She just gets in there to kick around a couple of times a day.....sometimes take a toy-free nap in the crib..
We had 17 adults and 8 kids over for our connect group Saturday night. We served grilled chicken, corn, rolls, and had a salad fruit and icecream for dessert. It was delicious and everyone (kids included) seemed to like it!
I really enjoyed getting to chat with everyone!
Abby, my friend since birth got to meet Anna!
Charles (a daddy of twin boys) meeting Anna Ruth!

I'm getting a haircut soon. Totally different style. (I think.) does the above picture even count as a style? This was actually a great hair day for me too....the days of mommyhood change EVERYTHING.
Whoohoo! Take a look at my handsome farmer husband.
thank-you Janice for the sunflowers! They're such cheerful, happy flowers :)
We refer to Brett's mom as her "Nana" and my parents have already been dubbed "Granna and Papa"
Bubbles! This was with Anna in the car...sometimes she loves her car seat, but other times she gets a bit upset and starts to cry. If Brett's driving I get in the backseat and help her with the pacificer until she gets happy. I'm convinced sometimes she just gets lonely. I think she'll be a talker like her mama. :)
Sweet naptime with mama. I just love having Anna Ruth snuggled up on me...feeling her sweet breath and being able to hold her close! When she's awake she is VERY active, kicking her arms and legs. I want to cherish the time I can actually have now for my cuddlebug :)
Happy 3rd anniversary to us! Brett and I are in Branson (with our girl of course!) post will be Anna's first vacation photos! She slept the entire way to Branson...and happily slept with her favorite blanket and toy in her seat while we ate at Red Lobster later on in the evening. What a treat!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This week I made greek wraps for dinner one night.....Called Grilled Greek Tacos, courtesy of, as always! The pic above is of the dressing, creamy mix made of greek yogurt, as well as some other things.
It was great fun to try a new recipe! The wraps had chicken on them I marinated and cooked on the Foreman grill. Plus we had plenty of leftovers :) . I like to arrange our food to look "pretty" when I get the time...That's how my brain works, I enjoy it, and I read somewhere one time about not just waiting for company to make things special or look nice! Good advice, if there's time. :)

We also eat salad about once a week in the summertime...complete with tuna, egg, artichokes, etc .......and once again, plenty of leftovers for lunch!
I rearranged a bit in Anna's room! Thank-you Jana for her picture frame!
Books and toys just waiting to come to life as soon as those beautiful blue eyes open!
I took down her name I made because the letters wouldn't stay properly connected...Now her neato initials are displayed instead.
Pretty, sweet girl enjoying bath time with mama and daddy

Where her name used to hang (above her window) I hung this branch type thing from our wedding with some fabric.....This is the kind of stuff my mind keeps busy with while I'm feeding Anna Ruth!
We are headed to Branson this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, having friends over Saturday night,and Brett's last day at J.B. Hunt is tomorrow!!!!! He starts a new job next week, Praise Jesus!