Thursday, December 30, 2010

19 days and counting until we find out if our little one is a "he" or "she" :). I.AM. SO. EXCITED.I am 17 weeks along......and looking quite round here after a country breakfast, cooked by Brett :).

seeing THIS never gets old. Ever.

This morning over breakfast Brett and I listened to "Life at the Pond" on the radio and sat by the stove. Old-fashioned and relaxing.

Meet Blacky. He once was blind, but now he sees! (no, seriously, he really was physically blind!) I always think of little stories for the calves and cows.....maybe I will do a picture book someday?

Friday Brett and I got to spend time together, looking at furniture and things of that sort...and he treated me to lunch at Loafin' Joe's and we split a cupcake from "Bliss". Good, incredibly rich...almost too much so.

Stories from a Shut-in:
Okay, so life might not be THAT dramatic, but I have been "healing" from being sick all week. I am getting better and thankful that I have been off work this week and have had time to rest.
I decorated our mirror for winter, using coffee filters. :)

Thursday night I made a sausage (the less fat version of pork sausage) egg, cheese, and jalapeno Breakfast Braid, along with hashbrowns, and muffins for dessert. It tasted soooo good, which is saying a lot lately. The recipe is a "Cooking Light" one. Let me know if you want it!
(and this made a lot too, we had it again Friday morning)

I'm "Facebook Free".

So the UPS man came to the door to pick up a return (even though I had nothing for him)..afterwards I talked to our neighbor Bobbie, for about 10 or 15 minutes. I came in and realized I was only wearing one earring. :) I took the other one off when talking to Becca.......What's that? You don't think anyone noticed? Good, me either :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So this is Christmas..

Merry Christmas 2010! Here are a few shots from my mom-in-law's, which is where we ended Christmas Day.
Pretty scarf from Jack :)

Meet Semper.

We started off the morning by going to my mom and dad's! What fun!

Brett and Malachi

Gift for "Baby T"

This is about as real life as it gets :)

Cute apron my mom sewed for the boys (Nathan got one too!)

We are a book lovin' family!

Nathan checking out Uncle Brett's new tools...

Pretty Becca :)

Love Caleb's little hand on my leg :)

Christmas Eve (morning) at our house! Pretty earrings from Brett...and a warm stocking hat too! (this is so I can be cute on the farm ) :)

Brett is always making me laugh :)

Ginormous container of cheese balls I bought him. A healthy, nutritious snack :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Break so far:

enjoying God's creation,

excitement for our house,

suddenly, many choices, decisions, and errands to complete for our house,

joy at our decisions thus far (such as the arches above),

looking more pregnant (16 weeks Friday),

cooking beans,

getting better with the new camera,

starting a journal/memory book for baby,

enjoying my momma's delicious, traditional cookies,

cooking new recipes ( *I used fat free cream cheese and ground turkey instead of chicken

and typing narratives, getting groceries in a quiet Wal-mart (bliss), going to the library, reading about pregnancy and trying to let it sink in, going on a walk in 55 degree weather, typing more narratives, and soo looking forward to Christmas with family. :)