Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cooked by dear Brett:

(we splurged and bought a bag of sundried tomatoes for the top-soo delicious!)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our weekend: I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday (that's where the owl material from Mr. Owl's post yesterday) came from. I also just couldn't resist the two prints above! So cute :)

Today went spent some time on the farm and saw some neat things, including, but not limited to: A cow's skull, hornet's nest, and Lazarus. Lazarus is the little cute calf you see above; Brett bottle fed this sweet thing and it is doing real well now!

We also spent some time sitting on our land site talking about what's to come.
Here I am, enjoying the "kitchen" (use your imagination). Also, the little red flags are for our septic system. Every bit of progress counts!

Brett is standing proudly by our perc test hole. What a nice sign to see that someone besides us had been out working the land.

We stopped to look at some land on Blue Springs road today that would have an incredible view of the lake if someone cleared the trees. No, not interested for ourselves...but we think the land is a really neat, unique piece of property. The house and land needs some MAJOR tlc though.

We ate at the Valley Inn Cafe this morning in Hindsville. A bit of a drive for a country breakfast....but a beautiful drive and I was pleased to spend time with Brett :) :)

p.s.-Brett made Fettucine Alfredo for me tonight!! We used the "Cooking Light" recipe and it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. As good as restaurants!

Friday, August 27, 2010

what a HOOT

For Malachi :) with great love, Aunt Sara :)

(a rather busy looking owl now that I think about it....but this was only Owl #1, maybe I'll try again?!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yesterday's recipes:

Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad with a Lemon Basil Almond Pesto:

*I boiled some wheat Great Value spaghetti noodles, and also cooked a bag of frozen veggies (Great Value also) with a tiny bit of vegetable oil in another pan. I then used the pesto shown below, and the red wine vinegar and mixed it with the veggies and also dumped the pasta in as well.

This meal made a lot, was very easy, and budget friendly (we already had everything except for the pesto, which was around $2.00 I believe)
Only downside-the pesto in the meal isn't very healthy!
Braised Green Beans with Garlic, Tomatoes, Olives, and Capers
Excellent way to cook green beans! We had everything except for the green beans and diced tomatoes. Overall, still fairly inexpensive, pretty healthy, and tasted SOO good :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

A look at lately: I made two very good veggie dishes for dinner tonight. E-mail me if you'd like the recipes!

I checked out the book below from the Springdale Public Library and really like it....especially the pictures below! :) :)

This weekend I hung out with Jana a bit (missed you Becca) and we went to Orange Mango, the frozen yogurt place on Dickson Street. We each got out for around $2.00 and enjoyed our treats immensely!

Brett and I worked on our house site this weekend as well. We had the perc test completed today and it went very well. Also, the electricity men will be cutting a path, and getting electricity to our house site sometime this week, hopefully.
This is a clearing we'll have to the left of our house. We plan on cleaning it up a lot, eventually :) and I hope, planting some fruit trees.

These are all of the rocks I picked up from the site. We might use them for landscaping later on. (They look better in real life, or maybe those are my rose-colored glasses kicking in again) :)
This BEAUTIFUL tree will be seen from the study and our Master bedroom/bathroom.

A student of mine brought these flowers to me on the first day! They were from their garden. :)
This is our new library at Westwood!!! Wooohoooo!

I read a book called "A Bad Case of Stripes" to my students, and then each kid (plus me!) made a mini stripe drawing and included things that they really liked (that maybe othe people didn't know about them).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was a fun, relaxing day :). Brett and I slept in, and then lounged around the house. I had thankfully cleaned the house earlier in the week so we were free to relax. We went to the farm today and saw some adorable little calves. :) And this neat butterfly snuck in the truck. We also went to the Springdale Library and I found several books I've really been wanting! I also got some books by Robin Jones Gunn, one of my favorite christian authors. I was thrilled!

We also got to meet Jana, Seth, and the kiddos at Taco Bell in Rogers. We then went to Border's and got to hang out. Seth and Brett got to look at some farm and house books while Jana got to roam on her own (with sweet Lainey). I was pleased as ever to sit and read with Caleb. :) :) I was so proud of him because he told me when he needed to use "the potty". I hauled him up those stairs as fast as I could and he did super. :)

We also rode the train (all of us together!) around the Pinnacle Promenade mall. What fuN! :)