Monday, October 3, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Rock hunting, grilling, junkin', porch time, time with Brett and Anna Ruth, cousins, and most of all-time in this divine weather. What a weekend this was! But we'll get to that in a minute. Didn't you hear? October is the new most wonderful time of the year.
At least we sure are enjoying it. :)

First, Anna Ruth got her very first piece of mail last week!

It was a very fun Ben and Jerry's postcard from Granna and Poppa. She studied this for quite a while...

Thanks Granna and Poppa for the fun surprise! We love a good mail day in the Torbett house.

I thought someone was walking up our deck stairs last week while I was in the bedroom feeding Anna Ruth. I got up to look and this ornery guy was on the run.

What a tease!

I found these free, printable vintage hankies on Pinterest and hung them on one of our mirrors. I heart Pinterest. :)

We spent all weekend outside. Every minute, except for church and a run to a few stores for our porch. It was fabulous! Anna Ruth has started focusing on items in her hands very well now. She can even grab onto something with both hands! As Brett says, "Everything gets the mouth test". She chews and slobbers on whatever she can get her little hands on.

Saturday we met Jana and the kids at a thrift store and then went to the park! The weather was beautiful and the company, even better!

Those curls! Those eyelashes! That sweet face!
Does it get any sweeter?

Caleb works really hard at obeying Jana and Seth. I was talking to him at the park and told him that Anna Ruth was watching him when he was obeying and she can learn from him! I said "Do you know what that makes you to Anna Ruth?" (a hard ? I realize), he said "A Daddy!"
I smiled and said "A Blessing!"

I made this taggie blanket for Anna before she was even born! I'm so glad I did because she has definitely been enjoying it.

This weekend was the start of Project Porch. We have an enormous front porch. We already have a dining room table on it, but that's about it. We want it to look welcoming and styled so that's our current house project. I'll post more details and pics later! Something Brett is working on is a rock step up to the porch and rock path from the drive
way to the porch. So, all packed in his truck, up to "the mountain" we went.

Saw family on the way, herding cows up the road.

THIS is the million dollar view. In my opinion.
The mountain is where Janice and her 13 brothers and sisters grew up.

We stopped at Ed and Norm's house (family) on the way back. Anna Ruth got to meet a little dog for the first time! She kept bobbing her head around to watch it :)

Not quite ready to be let go of yet,

but still Anna Ruth loves flying with her daddy.
I saved the best pics for last. :)

Watching Daddy build!

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steph said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend indeed. Lord every single pic. Project print porch sounds so fun. Have I mentioned I live for projects? Seriously. Anna Ruth gets cuter by the day. dont know how thats possible. But she does.