Monday, June 28, 2010

A peek at random lately's:

One of my summer goals was to get my recipes (torn out from magazines and discovered on the internet) organized and in a binder. So, that's just what I did. It is coming in handy already.

We went out to eat to celebrate "Gotcha" Day for Lillie (the day Pat "got" her) :) We went to Shogun's and had a wonderful time celebrating Lilie!

I went to the dentist today and had a great report!!! (I dislike going to the dentist so I was glad to have it over with )

This is a "normal" evening around our house.
What? You don't do this too? :) (Suffice it to say, there is never a dull moment, or lack of entertainment around the Torbett household-which is thrilling to me :) because I grew up with a silly daddy who had an imagination!)

I made this garland to hang up at "Camp Caleb" (Caleb's 2nd birthday party). I also plan on hanging it up in my classroom next year !

Per Brett's request, I made a key lime pie. It was easy, and turned out delicious!
And no, we didn't eat the whole thing ourselves-we shared at lunch on Sunday.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lainey Love:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We went fishing today for summer school at Lake Fayetteville! :) It was a blast! The kids had a lot of fun (some of them were fishing for the first time-EVER) and I had a "first" as well. I learned to bait crickets (live ones) today. I did this for about two hours! Squirmy things...

We've had two weeks of summer school so far and loads of fun and learning. One more week to go, then about a month 'till school starts (for me at least, not the kiddos).

We also went to the Botanical Garden today as well. The kids ran wild through the sprinklers! (they were first given permission-no worries!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Brett and I have been reading and discussing this book together....Even though we've been married almost two years, we're still in the "starting years" and think the wisdom in this book is worth reading and pondering and acting upon.

Tonight I made sandwiches with french bread, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and ham. I also included some green olives on some. They were delicious! I used a coupon from for the cheese so the reduced fat ended up costing less than the Great value kind!

Perfect summer dinner :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Update on condo:

Our neighbor and his mother (who lives in China) came to look at our condo about a month ago. Long story short-they are very interested in buying it and we have settled on a price.

However, Brett called them today to see when they were interested in buying, and it's not until October (I guess the mother isn't moving to the states until then)

So for now, we will keep putting out more flyers, post an ad in the Star Shopper, and wait and see! (and in the meantime-refuse to worry and instead pray). :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I read this book recently and loved it! A must read :)
Don't know if you can tell how steep this is, but notice the fence line in this picture. This is what we've been working on-you walk dooooooown the fence, and then uppppp the fence and repeat. And repeat again. And again. :) I told Brett I would have "buns of steele" by the time we were done. :)

"the girls" at the pool :)

Before: After:
Yep! It's the same wreath-just redone by me :)
I made Pad Thai this week, using "Rice sticks". It was delicious! ! ! I also made a Torbett family favorite-Banana Crumb Muffins (look on for the recipe!
I am VERY excited to show everyone the mail below that arrived today! I made and ordered a photo book of our Italy trip from the most impressive photobook service I've ever seen! The book arrived in the fun box below :)

Here's a sample of some of the pages below. The book is stunning.