Monday, September 26, 2011

I've been trying to make an effort to not look the part of potential "What not to Wear" candidate :)

Menu Monday is back!

I've been capturing glimpses of our time at home lately so I can remember this sweet stage of life. Here's Anna Ruth with sleepy eyes as I'm first getting her ready for the day.

A few times a day I go in to find that Anna has woken up and rolled herself over :)

She really likes soft clapping!

A HUGE, enormous thanks to Aunt Becca for this mirror! I had been wanting to get Anna Ruth one, and she just adores this..

Here she is "talking" to herself

She has her fingers in her mouth almost all day!

She's about to get too wiggly to keep doing this, but for now she has a front row seat to mama's cooking show.

Last week I made oven-roasted basalmic brussel sprouts-They were great!

Dressed up for Grandma Capper!

We had Connect Group this weekend and went to our friend's house to watch the Razorbacks.....lose :( No, I'm not a huge fan of football (basketball is another story), but Brett is :)
Thanks to Aunt Jana for giving Anna Ruth her bottle! She and Lainey are becoming cute together!

These are peeks into our walk last night on the Torbett property around our house lot

Anna Ruth adores her daddy. We celebrate his arrival home and look forward to family of three weekends :).

Praise Report! Anna Ruth had been struggling a lot to be happy in her car seat and it was making trips very hard for me. I'm happy to report that the last few trips into Fayetteville have gone well and she's happily smacked on her hands the whole time! I pray out loud over her every time she goes in her seat. God answers prayer! I'm going to wait a week or two and then we'll try an even longer drive, maybe! :)


SydneeB said...

You do NOT look like a WNTW candidate! You look very cute - love that skinny belt! And the pics on the walk are so quaint. Esp the cedar one - my favorite type of trees! Oh. And do share the oven roasted brussel sprout recipe if you get a chance?! Always wondered how to make those successfully =)

steph said...

As I mentioned before--your effort in dressing is much noticed and appreciated by me! Love the outfits. Menu has my mouth watering. As my stove is broken and I'm stuck with crockpot and electric skillet only meals. At least I have those....Love the pics of Anna Ruth in her crib. She can't get any cuter.

Heather said...

ahhh anna ruth is so cute with that hair. every picture, i am like oh my word that hair. and, um, mine still screams on almost every trip. okay, every trip. i will try praying over elisey as we get in. love ya and you have been looking GOOD.

Becca said...

Love all the pictures on this post!! You're definitely not going to get a call from Stacey & Clinton anytime soon....feel free to turn me in anytime though :) Glad ART loves the mirror!