Saturday, March 26, 2011

beauty at big cedar.

This is our new comforter! I saw this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a week ago...took a pic, showed Brett and when I went back this week thought they were out (it was on clearance). The nice lady climbed up to the ceiling practically and threw me one down! Hooray! We think it matches our walls well.
Back deck
kitchen faucet :) (Yeah! I could wash my strawberries)
handsome, handsome, handsome

28 weeks:
hello, 3rd trimester (goodbye heartburn...pleeeeease! it's Horrible. with a capital H)

What a much needed blessing our days away at Big Cedar were! We rested, read, talked, walked and photographed the beauty, ate, watched basketball together (the one sport I'll get into with Brett ), and enjoyed having time to be ourselves without having to think about the house or work necessarily. (Which we did a lot of that too)
We came back recharged and ready for the next few weeks! Our house should be done in 2 weeks......and then it's go time getting it ready for baby girl :).
Oh, and other big news-I'm staying home with Anna Ruth next year :).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

nesting. (while waiting on my nest)

This is the table Brett and I looooove from Sam's Furniture. It comes with all of the chairs...but we're not a big fan of the leather chairs at all. Instead, we would get the 4 wooden chairs and bench that comes with the table.
Haven't purchased yet...still thinking on it :)
Insert head tilt here:
This is an idea our art teacher did with the students...and I'm thinking of painting some branches and doing a similar idea for Anna Ruth's room...
Although I probably wouldn't do this in bright yellow (it IS wonderfully cheery though) this is another idea I have in mind for Anna's room....already have a frame and everything! (thinking it would need to be hung kind of higher than this so she wouldn't pull up on it someday)
Just a little color/inspiration reminder for Anna Ruth's room! I looked at the rugs on (trying to use giftcards we already have to "purchase" things for the house) and picked out 9 different rugs I like..some more than others.
Give me your vote! Which one would you pick for her room? (Choice Numbers are listed below each rug)Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3
Choice 4

Choice 5

Choice 6
Choice 7

Choice 8 (see below for green version)
Choice 9

*We are enjoying Big Cedar so much! Walking, eating, walking, relaxing, etc.
*Prayer works! We were praying for our nephew Caleb who rolled out of his bed and had a hurt back/neck. He's feeling much better!
*I'm excited to register for Anna Ruth on Saturday. a HUGE, enormous thanks to Jana for agreeing to help me! (if not for that Anna Ruth might end up with 100 outfits and no diapers! Kidding....sorta. Little girl outfits are just so darn cute!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BIG thanks to Jack and Andy for helping Brett lay our wood floor in the house.....they worked all day Saturday, Jack and Brett continued all day Sunday.......and Brett continued all day today. Not done yet but it looks beautiful!

Friday night Brett and I went out for a date :). Hugo's and Barnes and Noble....Brett had a great date idea-split up in Barnes and Noble and pick out a book for each other to read. "Someone" may have been surprised at the other person's picks (and not enthusiastic to read them)....and may have ruined the date night idea a bit. But, I'm just sayin' someone MAY have done that :) :) haha.
Brett's newest bedside read :).
Just kidding. (this picture has nothing to do with the above paragraph, promise) :)

Our beautiful columns! They will be painted soon....
Ceiling fan and floors! Yes, they're dusty and dirty. But beautiful! I am so appreciate and proud of Brett for working so hard on his vacation to lay this floor down.
Sunday I got to put my feet up for a minute. Been feeling great....but my feet have been pretty sore.
27 weeks!
Excited for summer fruit :)
Hugo's! Best. burger. EVER.
Thinking of hanging these over the french doors in Anna's room so that they can be pulled to the side during the day......Thoughts anyone??? Do you think they let in too much light?

Cute pillow idea from Hobby Lobby!
"Branson we come!"