Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Country girls-sorta :)

It's fair time ya'll!
Today Anna Ruth and I headed to the Washington County Fair to meet my parents and Jana and the kids. I haven't been to the fair in a long, long time. One year for our birthday Daddy took us girls and we got our picture in the paper of the four of us walking around :)
For those who don't know-growing up, and even in college, I wasn't exactly the "country" type. I wouldn't touch a cow with a 10 foot pole if my life depended on it! I remember Lisa Roys, from the Wesley Foundation, telling me one time "I bet you're going to marry a farmer!" Made me so mad.
And yet she was right. :)

So now I find myself married to a man who thinks of cattle farming as a hobby, and have cows practially in my front yard.

And did I mention I know how to build a fence on the farm?
The Pioneer Woman beat me to telling a classic story like this, or else I might have a book deal right now :) anyway, we took in the sights of everything people had entered to be judged. Who knew there was such a variety of things you could enter?!If Lainey had her way, she would have been inside the pens at the petting zoo!Ride 'em cowgirl!

Shortly after Anna Ruth decided to wake up and join the fun!

Disclaimer: I took LOTS of deer photos one evening and was fascinated by them. Showed them to Brett and he laughed. :) I told him to stay at home with a baby all day and you'd learn to be amazed at the simple things too. :) These were all taken behind our house, from the back deck.

Spaghetti from earlier this week. I made the sauce in the food processor with whole canned tomatoes and spices.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You'd have to see it to believe it

Anna Ruth rolled over today.

No, my eyes didn't witness it, but my ears did!
I was in making a mean tasting hummus and heard my baby girl's cries over the food processor. She was napping on her tummy in her crib when I put her down, about 20 minutes earlier.

I peeked in and my girl is laying flat on her back, squalling with red eyebrows (a sign she's VERY upset)

Surprised the nap right out of her!

How I wish I had been a fly on the wall to see how the little one wiggled herself over. ;0

Monday, August 29, 2011

Moby! Moby! Moby!

Check out this sporty car!
No, sadly, it doesn't belong to us, but to my mom and dad!! :) Whoohoo!
Momma and Daddy called to see if they could stop by yesterday on their way back from Branson for a quick visit. Anna's response? "You bet!" She gave lots of smiles while they were at the house.
Dressed up for church :)

Growing, learning girl! She is getting much better control of her head..
Although this picture makes her look like a redhead she really isn't, just has tints of red.

I look so annoyed, but I'm really not. :) How could I be with a visit to Eureka and a frozen mocha from The Daily Roast, our favorite coffee shop?

This did not fit in at all with our new way of eating and it was absolutely DELICIOUS, :) :)

Enjoying our weekend time as a family of three !

Three cheers for the Moby!
and for my sisters :). Becca let me borrow the Moby wrap and it is WONDERFUL. So, so comfortable and Anna Ruth loved it. She was so happy to look around and then take a nap in it. I am so blessed to have sisters who let me borrow things constantly for Anna Ruth and who answer all my "IS that normal?!" questions :)

Friday night we went to eat and then walked around Gully Park!

*Etsy shop announcement coming within the next week!!!!!
Also, Jana and I have a birthday coming up a week from today!! Hooray! I love birthdays, and loving sharing mine with jana. It's double the fun.

Oh yeah, here's the short version of Menu Monday:
1.) Spaghetti and meatballs, green beans
2.) Corn and ham salad, crackers, hummus
3.) Pork chops with avocado salsa, brown rice, corn on cob
4.) Hamburgers (with a new healthy kind of bun, will post later), sweet potato fries, veggies and dip (made with greek yogurt)

5.) Chicken wraps with avocado, salsa, lettuce, cilantro, etc., fruit
6.) Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup (weekend meal)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rattle, rattle! :)

Look !! Anna Ruth can hold her own rattle now! Yesterday I managed to get her fingers open and get this rattle in. She started shaking it and looked so pleased with herself.

Her mama was pleased too! I may have even celebrated with clapping and "yeah's!" :)

This room (craft, laundry) is probably my top favorite room in the house currently :). It is where I go to get inspired and sew :) and have some quiet time with Anna Ruth. "Quiet" because this is where I usually feed her. She's not too still the rest of the day :)

Remember that awful "Before" shot in the post below of the fruit picture? Well, here's the after! This will be hung on this wall in our kitchen soon!
Look who already had fun with the chalkboard! (I realllllllly want a chalkboard wall, but this will have to do for now. :) )
yummo. I made the whole wheat bread off the back of the whole wheat flour bag yesterday. It is delicious!! While I was finishing up the bread so that it could rise I heard Anna getting quite upset in her crib.
I went to look and she had her foot stuck in between her crib slats! Silly girl wiggles all over her crib now. It was so pitiful looking with her tiny foot stuck!I heart pinterest. :) and the great ideas I find there! Such as this "Chocolate banana sipper".
It is delicious, better than icecream, and healthy.
Find it here:
A little bit of God's love We went to see Grandma Capper for a bit today. We weren't there very long and I wished we didn't have to leave so soon at lunch! We will go earlier next week. Anyway, Anna Ruth had a VERY dirty diaper while Grandma was holding her! She did the last time we were there too! Grandma said "Well, if you ever need her to have a bowel movement just come bring her to me."! Hilarious. :)

and now-more of what you really came to this blog for!

Thanks to momma and daddy for coming over last night for dinner! (and trying another new recipe-chickpea patties...just ok, not worth posting and I didn't even get a pic)
This is the only picture from the night because we were too busy playing and have fun!

I'm not usually a fan of big bows. (Gasp!)
However, this one I really like :) Isn't she the cutest?

*A special "hello" to my Aunt Lynda :). In response to your question, my mom doesn't smock anymore. She doesn't have the time with all these grandchildren we keep having :) . She still makes beautiful quilts though!