Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T is for

A tart made with red potato's, leeks (see picture above), feta cheese, and zuccini!
That's what we had for dinner tonight and it turned out delicious. I'd never eaten a leek (we are expanding our vegetable horizons in the Torbett household) and it was actually very good. Brett even liked the meatless meal,and that's REALLY saying something for my meat and potato's man :).
The recipe was from Real Simple if you want me to make you a copy!

Caught by Brett:
One fish
One tree frog
and one fence post in the nose

we had a very eventful weekend! Brett caught this fish while the boat was trolling (sp?) and got hit in the nose Sunday with a fence post. I don't think it's broken, and he doesn't have any black eyes...just a swollen nose. You know you're married to a country man when he comes home with a bloody shirt and a tree frog. :) :)
Isn't the frog neat?

My favorite is the picture where the frog's legs are all stretched out.......just hangin' on.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just me, happy as a lark in my classroom :). One of my boys took this for me today. School is going great so far! I have been on a kick to stay healthy this year so I've been drinking water, drinking one "EmergenC" packet a day, getting enough sleep, washing my hands, exercising, and eating pretty healthy.......seems to be working so far!
My kids are a great group-VERY talkative and excited and full of life and ideas.
I am starting to remember why I look forward to the weekends so much though :). The kids wear me out and keep me on my toes. :)
more soon, Brett and I are sharing a computer this week so I haven't been on here a whole lot. Grandma, your zuccini bread was delicious!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It poured cats and dogs today......and guess who got caught in it leaving the grocery store?

Had a good day at school today.....got exciting news Caleb took his first steps! I also made Stuffed Zuccini (thanks Jana!) for dinner tonight and now we're working on the budget. It's a party at the Torbett house :). Don't you wish you were here?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a few pictures of the progress happening in my classroom! (If you have the time click on the pics to make them a bit more visible) The first picture at the top is the top part of my loft. Also, I will have curtains covering the shelves under the counter soon too (thanks to momma) A HUGE thanks again to momma and daddy for coming and helping me today.....whew, what a help they were! It also made my day because Brett came on his lunch hour to see my classroom. :) The excited face in the photos above is because I finally found a rug I liked at Big Lots today. :) Cleaning house, Branson, and a friend's wedding this weekend. Be back soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We had salad and bruschetta (pronounced "Brusketta", we were told in Italy...the "ch" makes a k sound) last night for dinner. Very good!
More work on the classroom today...I need an opinion on the rug above. I can't seem to find a cheap, cute rug (like for a dorm room) to put on the top of my loft....Any suggestions?

Monday, August 3, 2009

We're home, sweet home.:) Brett and I both went back to work today.
We haven't experienced jet lag too bad actually.......we both felt a bit "off" yesterday, but I went to bed early and am doing great now.

The pictures above are of my classroom......after only a few hours work. It will look much, much different in a week or two! However, I wanted to show off the loft and bookshelves my very nice principal built for me. :) :) I am beside myself with excitement! :)