Monday, September 12, 2011

Kicks and Giggles :)

Crummy lighting, yummy menu

Go to for Cheesy Garlic Herb Bread (your tastebuds will thank you), and Asian Barbecue Chicken

Still trying to eat non-processed around here as much as possible.

Still loving to cook, and enjoying flavors and food, with some treats along the way. Balance :)

Our tiny, yet all we need, grill which we used Saturday night for some turkey sausage and chicken breasts! Delicious.
A sign of the Torbett men on the farm:)
Anna Ruth and I went with Brett to check the cattle last night! We plan on going again. We saw around 25 deer total. Hunting, anyone?

Saturday night was spent on the back deck, grilling and listening to the Razorback game. I meandered between the inside and outside of the house, doing some decorating for fall. Such a fun night! Simple. Saturday we spent time at downtown Fayetteville, one of our most favorite spots.

Yesterday was an epic day for Anna Ruth. I bet she slept maybe an hour total all day. Stayed up 'till 10 like a big girl and even got to sit in the chair and watch t.v. with mama and daddy for a minute. (I know, I know, the "experts" would probably gasp at that but what are you supposed to do with an almost 3 month old-all.DAY.long?) :) :)
Today, Anna's overzealous body caught up with her. She got a case of "The Grumpies" and vocalized them the entire way home from town. My girl has a voice that will be heard and there's nothin' wrong with that! :)

Of course, when Brett got home she was all kicks and giggles. He thinks I made up the grumpies.
I love my girl, grumpies and all. :)

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steph said...

Love your new fall header! Looks great and gets me in the autumn spirit. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I love weekends like that. Still so jealous about your iPad! I'm dying for one. :D