Sunday, September 25, 2011

Return from La La Land

Alas! Here are the photos from last week! I went out with Jana and Mikayla last week and Brett watched Anna Ruth. When I left she had on a onesie that said "I love Mommy". When I returned......well, you get the picture :)

Sure do love these girls! First funny quote of the night "That's gonna cost ya", in reference to me trying to get the healthier option of fruit on my fro-yo at Cherry response "But at least it won't cost my waistline". Majorally cheesy :)
Speaking of-I'm back in my pre-pregnancy pants! Ok, so that really means I squeeezzzzeed myself into one pair of jeans, which are bigger than some of my others anyway. No photos allowed. At all. Or you would see that I really do mean squeezed!

And yes, I did this as triumphantly as if I'd won the Olympic Gold. :)

pretty Jana

What do you think? Is this me or what?!

bahaha :)

So many choices..Thank-you Forever 21.

Caleb is kicked back and relaxed....while Kyla, the event planner for the day looks on. :)She arranged all these things in the yard for a picnic during our monthly Sister's Meeting. If you
read my sister's blogs this is a repeat. So I'll just stick to pics :)

Bumbo for the first time! "Look mama, no hands!"

These two are becoming friends :)

secrets ;)

The neat "after" of my closet...look down for the scaaaaary before. In my defense I was huge pregnant when we moved in. :)


p.s. Brett was baptized today!!


SydneeB said...

Well first, yay for Brett being baptized! Second, hooray for squeezing into pre-preg matter the "dunlap disease" the fact remains you got in them and that is brag worthy! ;)
And finally! LOVE the "Daddy" replacement sign! I laughed out loud!! Cute post!! Those are some cute cousins too =D

steph said...

Too many things I love in this post. First of all: pre-pregnancy pants!!??!! That's awesome. I don't care if they're the biggest ones you have and you just button them for a second. It's a huge accomplishment. Go you! You look so chic in your girls night out pics. Love them all. Next: the taped-on daddy sign has me cracking up. Third: Love the pics of Anna Ruth over your shoulder. Those big eyes! She kills me with her cuteness. Seriously. Kills. Last: Brett getting baptized=wonderful.