Friday, May 27, 2011

"A few of my favorite things"

I got to meet Becca and the kids this week!

What a treat!

This BEAUTIFUL quilt was made by my sis Becca for Anna Ruth. I adore it :). The colors, pattern, every bit of it. Don't worry-you'll be seeing a lot of this in the background behind sweet Anna once she gets here!

Becca gifted me with a few of her favorite things for little ones....including these two bath goodies !
and this very neat book.....I can't wait to read it to Anna Ruth!
(for those who are wondering...I am 38 weeks.....the Dr. says she thinks Anna will be a big baby..maybe around 8 pounds? Having a few contractions here and there..nothing to get too excited about yet)
a whole new meaning of "rain boot". :)

Also, a new meaning of going "out" to eat. This is where we dine, with plates balanced on the back deck. Someday we'll get a tall table and chairs, but for now this does just fine. This view never gets old.
My "movers" (Brett and Jack) moved our armoire into the great room last night! :) We are now using it as a china cabinet..
Banner I made...
I also made Anna Ruth's name to hang in her room...First I printed out the outline of big letters on the computer...then cut the letters out of posterboard.
Next, put spray adhesive on the posterboard letters....

and press the letters onto your material of choice!
Once the fabric is applied to the letters, cut around the letters again...then use fishing line and hot glue to connect the letters together on the back.
Last, glue ribbon, string, etc. to the ends of the banner and hang up!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Last weekend my friend since birth hosted a baby shower for Anna Ruth! My trooper grandma came, who had knee surgery last week!
The hosts: Abby (on left) and her mom, Debbie. These two are as close and dear as family to me.
Sweet friends from church! The lady in the middle is Pastor Red's wife...he always says "Hey, Little momma" when he sees me. :)
:) Love.
Two of these ladies I really got to know on the Wednesday night bible study I attended for almost a year. We used to live on the same street as all three!
Yeah! Anna Ruth can come home with us now! (carseat and stroller). Thanks Daddy for wrapping it!
Delicious food!
Today has been such a beautiful, sunny morning! I went on a walk in my galoshes because of the mud and looked down to see this funny sight. :)

I made these easy cinnamon rolls this weekend...I've made them before and they are so good! The bread is more like a biscuit texture rather than soft and gooey. I recommend making without the powdered sugar frosting...too sweet with! You can find the recipe here:
A bit of beauty still standing after all these storms and winds. My prayers are with those who are less fortunate.
I love the sound the hay makes when it's blowing in the wind...I remember Sarah, in Sarah Plain and Tall, comparing it to the sound of the ocean. :)
Thanks to Seth and Jana for our tomato plants inside this hay bale!
Beauty from a farm walk this morning....

Anna Ruth says "Thanks cousin Lainey for all my stylin' clothes! " Signs of Anna Ruth are showing up everywhere in our monitor's ready to go, bouncer seat assembled, closet is being organized....all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet girl!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet gifts from a student of mine for Anna Ruth.
Seriously, how cute is Anna Ruth going to be in these tiny shoes?!
37 weeks....going on a walk with Brett.Beauty on the farm! Brett has worked extremely hard the last two nights getting our yard mowed and weed-eated....he also spread seed so that someday we'll have grass instead of a dirt yard in some places. (excuse the bulldozer)

:) This is how they deliver our amazon packages out here in the country. Made me smile.
I made the "Asian Lettuce Wraps" from Our Best tonight. Delicious!
I also made Apple Dumplings last weekend for breakfast.

This Friday is my last day of work as a teacher. I am retiring next year to be a stay at home mom....and will be off for the rest of this year. :) :) :) I have lots I'd like to do before Anna Ruth comes and would like to rest up for the labor too. A whole new chapter (book really) is about to start! And yes, for everyone that keeps asking......I am VERY excited and ready.