Thursday, September 15, 2011

Date night?
Yes please. :)
Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-a, Toys R Us
Life is what you make it-we made this night fun (and silly and cheap)

Anna Ruth sits in this seat on the kitchen island while I cook. This week she was waaay more interested in the fall bouquet than her baby toys. She has an eye like her mama :)

This week was great. All weeks are great :). We visited Grandma Capper, went to Fayetteville Monday and got to go to Target, spent a lot of time outside, had a friend Sydnee and her boys over, and spent time with Jana and the kids today. I got a cute shirt, outfit for Anna Ruth, and 5 books at a neat Thrift Store Jana took me to. Waay fun!

Tomorrow-a heart wrenching story of love about Anna Ruth-our 3 MONTH OLD! :)
Ya'll come back to read it!
(ok-so it might not be that dramatic but it is a piece of my heart put to words, which hardly ever happens in blogville)

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McCraine Family said...

LOVE the new blog header!! And those book pictures made Seth and I laugh so much! Hilarious!! Anna Ruth is soooo sweet!