Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm a poet...and I didn't know it :)

Ok, so I wouldn't give myself "poet" status, but I did write a poem.
Lillie,Brett's cousin, asked me to help her with a scrapbook project
for junior high. They read a famous poem and were then supposed to
write their own about where they're from. 4 family members could
contribute a poem as well to the scrapbook she asked me to write one.
and I did.

Here it is:

I'm from "two babies"-surprise, it's twins!
Tiny bodies,
immensely close spirits

I'm from the giggles of three sisters,
Secret talks, imaginations running wild,
Best friends for life

I'm from supper 'round the table
Sara pie, daddy's name just for me,
the gentle guidance of momma

I'm from "all things work together for good"
Do your best
And learnin' to love Jesus

I'm from the clink of tea parties with Grandma,
The reelin' in of fishing with Papaw,
The sounds of childhood adventure

I'm from leavin' home to find independence
Learning, growing,
Winning at lifelong friends

I'm from the classroom as teacher
Challenges and victories
Lessons no book can contain

I'm from falling in love
Farm livin'
And rose-colored glasses, rosy world or not

I'm from coming full circle,
giving my daughter
part of her own
"where I'm from" story to tell

Monday, September 26, 2011

I've been trying to make an effort to not look the part of potential "What not to Wear" candidate :)

Menu Monday is back!

I've been capturing glimpses of our time at home lately so I can remember this sweet stage of life. Here's Anna Ruth with sleepy eyes as I'm first getting her ready for the day.

A few times a day I go in to find that Anna has woken up and rolled herself over :)

She really likes soft clapping!

A HUGE, enormous thanks to Aunt Becca for this mirror! I had been wanting to get Anna Ruth one, and she just adores this..

Here she is "talking" to herself

She has her fingers in her mouth almost all day!

She's about to get too wiggly to keep doing this, but for now she has a front row seat to mama's cooking show.

Last week I made oven-roasted basalmic brussel sprouts-They were great!

Dressed up for Grandma Capper!

We had Connect Group this weekend and went to our friend's house to watch the Razorbacks.....lose :( No, I'm not a huge fan of football (basketball is another story), but Brett is :)
Thanks to Aunt Jana for giving Anna Ruth her bottle! She and Lainey are becoming cute together!

These are peeks into our walk last night on the Torbett property around our house lot

Anna Ruth adores her daddy. We celebrate his arrival home and look forward to family of three weekends :).

Praise Report! Anna Ruth had been struggling a lot to be happy in her car seat and it was making trips very hard for me. I'm happy to report that the last few trips into Fayetteville have gone well and she's happily smacked on her hands the whole time! I pray out loud over her every time she goes in her seat. God answers prayer! I'm going to wait a week or two and then we'll try an even longer drive, maybe! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Return from La La Land

Alas! Here are the photos from last week! I went out with Jana and Mikayla last week and Brett watched Anna Ruth. When I left she had on a onesie that said "I love Mommy". When I returned......well, you get the picture :)

Sure do love these girls! First funny quote of the night "That's gonna cost ya", in reference to me trying to get the healthier option of fruit on my fro-yo at Cherry response "But at least it won't cost my waistline". Majorally cheesy :)
Speaking of-I'm back in my pre-pregnancy pants! Ok, so that really means I squeeezzzzeed myself into one pair of jeans, which are bigger than some of my others anyway. No photos allowed. At all. Or you would see that I really do mean squeezed!

And yes, I did this as triumphantly as if I'd won the Olympic Gold. :)

pretty Jana

What do you think? Is this me or what?!

bahaha :)

So many choices..Thank-you Forever 21.

Caleb is kicked back and relaxed....while Kyla, the event planner for the day looks on. :)She arranged all these things in the yard for a picnic during our monthly Sister's Meeting. If you
read my sister's blogs this is a repeat. So I'll just stick to pics :)

Bumbo for the first time! "Look mama, no hands!"

These two are becoming friends :)

secrets ;)

The neat "after" of my closet...look down for the scaaaaary before. In my defense I was huge pregnant when we moved in. :)


p.s. Brett was baptized today!!