Thursday, September 22, 2011

lost in la la land

my last blog post that is. I had an incredible post (in my opinion) loaded on the Ipad...and it refuses to post it. Every time I try it says "FAILED". Such a positive, uplifting message after working on a post :).

So, those pics will come later. Plus a "Day in the Life" post to see what it's like around here when we're home all day. BUT for favorite blogs/websites!!! (of strangers! Yeah!) I'm not including family and close friends here. I've never met these people in my life. Yet I find them inspiring. Inspiration knows no strangers :) I don't read these all everyday, but they're there when I have time for a quick read-Enjoy!
Inspiring Women:
1.) favorite. blog. EVER. mom to five. Christian. Wife who still "dates" husband. Crafty.


1.) (You knew that was coming, huh? Did you know they sell a cookbook on amazon? )
2.) (called a "Visual potluck"---umm, yes please)

Relationships Rule:
1.) -If you need no help in this area and constantly have awesome date-filled weeks this is not the site for you. If you take yourself too seriously-not for you either. However, if you're exhausted at the end of the day and don't remember sometimes how to have fun with your spouse-and want to fall more in love, not less, THEN this site is for you.
*Tip Idea*-I thought of one date a week for Brett and I and printed them out a neat calendar to give him tonight. Most of them are things to do once Anna goes to bed, no babysitter required! I'll share a few ideas as they come...this Sunday night will be "Smores and Stargazing"....Remember our tiny, tiny grill on the back deck? My plan is to make s'mores on that and spend some time chatting on the back deck after A.R. goes to bed. :)

For fun:
1.) - A place full of fun and thoughtful gift ideas to make or buy. Divided into great categories...even a section on sending "Happy mail". This isn't your typical make a gift in a mason jar kind of site.
2.) - my dream job-party/event planning!
3.) :)
4.) -parties, DIY, printables, so much fun :)

'till next time-

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