Thursday, September 8, 2011

Video of today! There are two videos because it wouldn't let me e-mail the full thing. That's why you catch bits and pieces of the conversation. A neat glimpse though :).

We went to see Grandma Capper for our weekly visit today. She adores Anna Ruth :) and we always have such a great time visiting! Her fellow residents enjoy Anna Ruth too....they loved her little feet and pretty hair in the dining hall today. I almost didn't think they were going to let us leave! !

Afterwards we stopped to visit and sit in the neighbor's yard for about an hour on the way home. Lovely weather, nice conversation and fellowship. A good day :)

Oh-and to solve our need of a new computer around here Brett and his mom got "me" an Ipad for my birthday. Super portable, and I picked out a case in pink. Brett uses it a lot anyway :), pink and all. Just getting him ready for Anna Ruth days ahead.

The Ipad is fabulous but takes a lot of figuring out since it's an Apple, not what I'm used to. Sometimes this is very frustrating, but overall I like it. :)

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