Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Country girls-sorta :)

It's fair time ya'll!
Today Anna Ruth and I headed to the Washington County Fair to meet my parents and Jana and the kids. I haven't been to the fair in a long, long time. One year for our birthday Daddy took us girls and we got our picture in the paper of the four of us walking around :)
For those who don't know-growing up, and even in college, I wasn't exactly the "country" type. I wouldn't touch a cow with a 10 foot pole if my life depended on it! I remember Lisa Roys, from the Wesley Foundation, telling me one time "I bet you're going to marry a farmer!" Made me so mad.
And yet she was right. :)

So now I find myself married to a man who thinks of cattle farming as a hobby, and have cows practially in my front yard.

And did I mention I know how to build a fence on the farm?
The Pioneer Woman beat me to telling a classic story like this, or else I might have a book deal right now :) anyway, we took in the sights of everything people had entered to be judged. Who knew there was such a variety of things you could enter?!If Lainey had her way, she would have been inside the pens at the petting zoo!Ride 'em cowgirl!

Shortly after Anna Ruth decided to wake up and join the fun!

Disclaimer: I took LOTS of deer photos one evening and was fascinated by them. Showed them to Brett and he laughed. :) I told him to stay at home with a baby all day and you'd learn to be amazed at the simple things too. :) These were all taken behind our house, from the back deck.

Spaghetti from earlier this week. I made the sauce in the food processor with whole canned tomatoes and spices.


McCraine Family said...

Love the post - so glad you came with us!! Fun times! I also happen to think the deer pictures are very neat! :)

steph said...

I have so many good memories at the fair! This brought them all flooding back. Loved all those pics. And I thought the deer pics were ultra cool!

P.S. Congrats to Anna for rolling over!! Way to go!