Monday, August 29, 2011

Moby! Moby! Moby!

Check out this sporty car!
No, sadly, it doesn't belong to us, but to my mom and dad!! :) Whoohoo!
Momma and Daddy called to see if they could stop by yesterday on their way back from Branson for a quick visit. Anna's response? "You bet!" She gave lots of smiles while they were at the house.
Dressed up for church :)

Growing, learning girl! She is getting much better control of her head..
Although this picture makes her look like a redhead she really isn't, just has tints of red.

I look so annoyed, but I'm really not. :) How could I be with a visit to Eureka and a frozen mocha from The Daily Roast, our favorite coffee shop?

This did not fit in at all with our new way of eating and it was absolutely DELICIOUS, :) :)

Enjoying our weekend time as a family of three !

Three cheers for the Moby!
and for my sisters :). Becca let me borrow the Moby wrap and it is WONDERFUL. So, so comfortable and Anna Ruth loved it. She was so happy to look around and then take a nap in it. I am so blessed to have sisters who let me borrow things constantly for Anna Ruth and who answer all my "IS that normal?!" questions :)

Friday night we went to eat and then walked around Gully Park!

*Etsy shop announcement coming within the next week!!!!!
Also, Jana and I have a birthday coming up a week from today!! Hooray! I love birthdays, and loving sharing mine with jana. It's double the fun.

Oh yeah, here's the short version of Menu Monday:
1.) Spaghetti and meatballs, green beans
2.) Corn and ham salad, crackers, hummus
3.) Pork chops with avocado salsa, brown rice, corn on cob
4.) Hamburgers (with a new healthy kind of bun, will post later), sweet potato fries, veggies and dip (made with greek yogurt)

5.) Chicken wraps with avocado, salsa, lettuce, cilantro, etc., fruit
6.) Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup (weekend meal)


steph said...

Anna Ruth looks so cute all dressed up for church! I love that little dress. Looks like you had a great weekend with your family. I'm super excited to borrow my sister's moby this time around too! Hope Liv loves it as much as AR. You look so great. Love the pic of you in the red tank. So pretty!! Love ya.

SydneeB said...

Sara! I love your blog!! I'm gonna be a blog stalker now ;) You and Becca are awesome bloggers and I LOVE LOVE seeing all you guys do that's so creative! And I may have to copy some of your menus also! :D Anna Ruth is so pretty - love the little white dress with smocking! So sweet and vintage - fabulous! Just wanted to say Hi! Glad things are going so well for you!!! Your optimism is infectious - thanks!

"CELEBRATED" said...

Sara, Just want to tell you Anna Ruth is an absolute doll! I want to love on her. :) And you look FABULOUS! Way to go.

Much love,
April (Becca's friend)