Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a mixed bag :)

This post is a bit of everything! We've been super busy and have enjoyed staying at home today. And to think I used to wonder what I'd do all day as a stay at home mom! Haha. :)
I realize the above photo looks like a good guacamole gone bad, but it's actually the edamame dip I made. DELICIOUS. The "recipe" for this wasn't flavorful enough so I kinda made it up as I went. What is it with healthy food recipes being so boring and bland? Come on, I still want to eat good, not just push the tasteless food around on my plate. Anyway, first puree shelled, thawed edamame in a blender or food processor. Also, add some olive oil, lime juice, and a bit of water in while you're doing this. Then, put in bowl and add more olive oil and lime juice, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes (the crushed kind), chili powder, garlic, red onion, and red bell pepper.
We ate ours with tortilla chips. Totally processed, but that's what we had. Could be improved with making pita chips possibly?
This is the "before" of a project I'm working on. My style hasn't gone bad, trust me on this one. :)

The "during".....
The After picture soon!

My sweetie. Who smells like a baby. In a wonderful way! She's not angry here...this is just her "serious" face. She has this face a lot.
She's been very "bubbly" lately. :) Bibs required.Morning playtime with mama! I have a gymboree book that suggests activities to do with each age....I try to spend hands-on quality time with her when she's awake, which is a lot. She likes to kick--a lot! She already tries to climb my stomach while I'm holding her, burping her. She doesn't typically like to cuddle during the day anymore-too wiggly!
She got her two month shots yesterday and was so brave! She squalled for a minute, but it didn't last long. We braved the health department for these.

I told ya she was busy!
We celebrate Daddy's arrival home each evening! What a great dad and husband. Brett is still liking his new job and is working really hard there in the human resources department for now.
We are so blessed to have two HUGE Rhea Lana sales each year in NWA. I went with Jana and Anna Ruth :) and got Anna some pretty things...

This is a sleeveless dress underneath with a matching jacket. Just couldn't pass up the sweet, girly details. :) Dressed up for church and Rhea Lana's! Rhea Lana's! So many clothes! I read there were over 1,000 consignors.In other news, I'm opening an Etsy shop! It's called "Sunshine by Sara". These are the fronts of the business cards I'm making to send in the packages I'll hopefully be sending out. :) The back will have yellow polka dot fabric sewed to it. Even though it says on Etsy I've been opened since August 4th I don't have anything listed yet. I've just been working on the shop since then. One can only take so many chores during naptime! Sewing and crafting is such a fun mental break. :)

fun fabric inspiration from Joann's!
Last Friday we met up with Jana and the kids at the park. It was Anna's first park playdate. She got plenty of attention as you can see. :)

Hahaha-it totally looks like Caleb is putting his finger in Anna's nose in this pic. I'm sure he isn't though :). He adores Anna Ruth.Snack break and red faces from playing hard. Lainey is fiercely independent and so sweet too. She went over to Jana and started patting her on the back and hugging her. Too cute!

Brett loving on Anna Ruth.
We both adore being parents. It's the best job in the world. By far!

Look who has grown! Anna use to wear this as a dress, but now this makes a cute green top with black capris. She weighed over 11 pounds at her check-up last week and was 22 inches long.

This week we are excited to host momma and daddy ("Granna and Poppa") for dinner and go see Grandma Capper as well. :)

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Lynda Ging said...

Anna is adorable in her brown dress and hair bow. The smocked dresses remind me of ones your mother used to make. does she still do smocking?