Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rise and Shine!

Brett, Anna Ruth and I took a drive to Mount Sequoyah this morning. The weather was gorgeous!
Brett is really into stonework lately and has been reading up on it. He has big plans for the landscaping in our yard someday, involving the native stone that is on the farm.
Of course, Brett had to make the trip a bit more adventurous. :)

What a view! We love Fayetteville.

We started the morning with breakfast at the "Schoolhouse Cafe", right here in Goshen! It is about five minutes from our house.

The inside is clean and cool, food is delicious, and the prices are great! I wish them great success!
Chill time with mama in bed this morning :)
Yesterday we had the first of our monthly "Sister's Meeting" (and cousins too!) Kyla set up a beauty shop and Jana and I had the privilege of having our hair done by her. What pampering!
Thank-you to Becca for hosting and providing a yummy lunch too!Guess who slept in her crib for seven hours straight last night?!
Despite the look :) she actually loves her crib! She sleeps on her tummy and rustles around when she needs up. I ran to get the camera the other day after I started to pick her up and she didn't like her mama setting her back down! She's wiggly, as you can tell by the escaped leg! This friendly dog meandered into our yard this week and decided to stay awhile. Even went with us on our nightly walk. I call him "Low-rider", or "LD" for short :)Anna Ruth loving on her Granna and Papa...

We went to see Grandma Capper last week, and plan on going back for weekly visits. She's needing some extra care in this stage of life and has moved to a home about 15 minutes away. She was delighted to meet Anna Ruth!

Don't worry fellow parents, the crib has been cleared now! This is how Anna sleeps, bottom in the air. SO cute.
Our neighbors brought us two watermelons from their garden on the 4-wheeler one night this week. We love country livin' and are blessed with great neighbors!
I made homemade pizza this week too....yum!
Anna and I take a couple walks a day in the yard to take in the great outdoors when it's not too hot. We see all kinds of things! (and hear a lot of sounds too)

Can you spot the deer?

We've had quite the storms at the farm lately. I'm so thankful for the rain! Bring on the fall!

This week: Anna Ruth turns two months and we go to the doctor for her heart.

She makes my heart melt.

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steph said...

Favorite picture ever=you and Anna in bed together. Please frame that immediately. Precious.