Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Monday

My plan is to start recording our weekly menus on Mondays, so that I'll have a good record of them for future use! Also,maybe I'll inspire someone along the way! Our eating goal for our household is to start eating less processed food, or at least pay attention to the ingredients in what we're eating. For example, some of the icecream we were eating had a ton of ingredients (basically very processed). Now, however we plan on eating Breyer's or the Haagen Das 5 ingredient icecream, for the occasional times we eat icecream for a treat. So, here's a look at our meals/snacks for the week!
1.) Veggie Stir-fry with brown rice
2.) Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese (homemade!), steamed broccoli, corn on the cob
3.) Baked Tilapia (with coating), sweet potato fries, spinach salad with basalmic vinegar
4.) Baked honey mustard chicken, asparagus, brown rice
5.) Homemade chicken pot pie (with whole wheat crust and homemade sauce)
6.) Salad with crackers/hummus

*Air-popped popcorn (Can do in microwave in brown paper bag)
*Fresh fruit
*Triscuits (only 3 ingredients!) with cheese, all-natural peanut butter, or hummus

*Raw nuts
*Greek yogurt
******Dessert Treat***** Rasberry and nut Smoothies

Happy Eating!!

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