Sunday, August 7, 2011

THAT mom

I never expected to be "THAT" know, the one who drops their child off at the babysitter's only to immediately miss them.
However, it happened last night. Brett and I got to go on our first date by ourselves since she was born....we simply hadn't asked anyone 'till now to keep her and have plenty of help around to do so. I wanted to drop her off quickly (I've never been away from the girl for 7 weeks people, give me a break! ) :)
So, we dropped her off at her Nana's and headed to Hugo's (underground burger of our first date). I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger, and great conversation with Brett. Then we walked around the Fayetteville Square and took these neat pics you see. Also, enjoyable. :)
After that I started to think about Anna Ruth's expressions and her little face and started to get teary. Oh no, another "never say never" moment (story of my life!) I missed her! I told Brett to think of something else to talk about (yes, we broke date code-we discussed our children some on the date) and he goes "Uhhh....I wonder what kind of hair Anna Ruth will have when she gets older!" Really? THAT'S the change of topic? :)
On we traveled however, new topic in conversation to Andy's Frozen Custard. We went all out with our eating on this date, as you can tell. We then went for a drive, and stopped and looked at a mini van. Yes, you read that right.
Last, to pick up our sweet, beautiful girl. Whom I missed very much.
However, what fun it was to be out with Brett!!!!! We even got to hold hands. :)

Summer peaches from the fruit stand-what a treat!

The grass and yard sure aren't anything to look at....yet God continues to fill His sky with the most beautiful sights. Thanks God! :)

Our little clean monkey
Look who grew with the help of daddy's socks!

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steph said...

It's SO okay to be THAT. Mom! Looks like your date was super fun with just the kinda food I like. Yummola. And you look so good. I seriously can't believe you are that small after 7 weeks! Insane. Anna Ruth is so precious. Love the pic in the hooded towel. Those get me every time.