Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Oh, hello."
"How are you today?"
"Mama and daddy love me thiiiiis much!" (and then some)
Anna Ruth adores her playmat. :) Sometimes I'm able to set her on it while I cook dinner. She is able to randomly hit the ball and rattle now! She's not running short on self-confidence either-a few times after she's hit them I've looked down to see an enormous smile on her face. :)
Last weekend our sweet neighbors hosted a shower for Anna Ruth at our house! We have the kindest neighbors around. One of the ladies made this quilt for Anna. So precious.
Anna Ruth got so many cute clothes that say so many precious things. This one says "Daddy loves me".
Oops-this picture got in the shower pictures. I covered the back of the armoire/now turned china cabinet. The verdict is still out if I like it or not. :)
Our neighbors across the street, Jim and Hazel Bowerman. Hazel is the one that made the quilt.
Anna Ruth was adored and fought over the entire time. :) I've never had so many offers for a babysitter!
Occasionally Jim sneaks across the street to see Anna Ruth :) and tells his wife afterwards who he got to see!
We also went to Fayetteville Farmer's Market last weekend. So much fun! There was this man painting....the Human Society has dogs walking around, there are food vendors, musicians playing, lots of veggies and flowers, and a whole lot of people. We almost always see someone we know which is fun!
I sure do love Brett.
Anna Ruth loves it when her daddy comes home from work!
Brett is loving his new job....the people and type of work are such a blessing to him. He's being challenged, learning new things, and excited to go to work each day. Thank-you Jesus!

Anna Ruth is almost 7 weeks old. She still sleeps in her seat (similar to this one) at night, but without the swinging motion or vibration. I've started trying to put her in the crib when she's sleepy during the day but so far it usually wakes her up. We'll keep trying! Her sleep is getting better and better at night. Last night she slept a 4 hour stretch (is that the Hallelujah Chorus I hear?)!
We've also started her on a bottle at night.......sweet times for she and Brett and a mini break for me. (She's a I emphasize the "mini" part) :)
I lit these candles on our mantle the other evening and they smelled so good and looked pretty too.
A potentially unflattering photo, yet I just can't resist putting it on here. Anna Ruth is becoming much more active and doesn't like to cuddle quite as often as she used to. When she does cuddle though sometimes she wraps her little arms around me and rubs on my side. Does it get sweeter than that?
Haircut tomorrow! Now you see it...tomorrow you don't! I'm going short. :)

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Becca said...

Cute pictures; Anna Ruth is getting so big!