Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy (late) 2 months! :)

We're making changes in our diet at the Torbett house! I have always cared about what we eat, however my love of Coke, junk food, and sweets has stayed strong as well. Especially during pregnancy! I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. It's time to reign that sweet tooth in! I really want to have healthy eating habits established for our family for life. I don't believe in diets, cutting out food groups, or drinking a weight loss something. So, I'm on a pursuit to find healthy food that tastes good, while indulging a bit along the way. (I refuse to show you how much movie theater popcorn Jana and I ate this week) :)
We saw The Help. It was wonderful! I'm reading the book for a second time and loved the movie. "You is kind, you is smart, you is important."

The meal you see above was DELICIOUS. Brett rated it a 5. We don't even rate meals around here so it must have been good! Improvements for next time: I fried the fish in Canola oil, so I'll try olive oil next time or even baking it would be best. Recipe here:
I love a good farm rain.

Dessert so far this week: frozen mixed berries, banana, honey, milk, natural peanut butter. Also, delicious! Brett didn't like the peanut butter in there, but I did.
These two pals are living in the screen in the window of my craft room. Neat or gross? I can't decide.

yummmmmmy! This meal was also so tasty! Baked honey mustard chicken and asparagus with brown rice with a basalmic vinegar sauce. Recipes here: and here:
Now,to the most important part of this entire post. I saved the best for last-Anna Ruth :)
She turned two months yesterday! We were too busy playing with her for a blog post, so this'll have to do. Anna went to the heart doctor yesterday and is just fine, praise God! It made her momma's heart very sad to see her hooked up to all these things for well over an hour (combined time we were there). I held her all afternoon to make up for her tears :).
These pictures are dark because they were taken after our nightly walk. Anna Ruth LOVES her ride in the stroller! Last night she was smiling and cooing, almost giggling even. She loves to look back and forth from her mama's face, to daddy's. Afterwards we come home and play, then Daddy gives her a bottle before bed.

I cannot imagine life without her. She's my joy to hold and laugh with. There's nothing else like it when she sets those deep blue eyes on you and won't let go. Some of my favorite things at this stage are watching her smile and hearing her little "voice", watching her work very hard to open her hand up to try to grab onto something, hearing her breath in my ear, rubbing her head/hair, watching her kick her arms and legs, walking with her in the yard, holding her up on my shoulder so she can see the world up high :)Brett got to come for part of her doctor's visit! He is such a good daddy. He loves to make all kinds of sounds and noises for Anna Ruth. He gets quite a reaction. This stuffed giraffe is Anna's favorite! It is a music box and almost always gets a smile. Anna also really likes rattles of all kinds.

She likes to lift her head while in her crib, or while you're holding her. It's funny when she lifts her head up and stares at you while you're holding her.Seriously, how cute is this?! She's been working very hard to get her thumb in her mouth at naptimes. Anna Ruth is such a good baby. People ask me or tease me about her keeping me up all night or "Is she a good baby?!" She's a GREAT baby! She sleeps between 5-7 hours straight in her crib at night and then wakes to eat. After eating and a diaper change she goes right back to sleep, no rocking necessary. When she's awake she likes to lay on mama and daddy's bed and watch the fan/play with me, play on her ocean playmat, sit in her seat with the rattles in mama's craft room, go on walks, or listen to books. Somedays she's fussy and wants to be held, but I never mind. :) She takes a bottle great, and has been babysat twice by her Nana. Her most common expression on her face are eyebrows furrowed in a serious look. :)

The little one calls! Better go. Crafty projects and weekend fun coming soon!


Becca said...

Love the post :)

steph said...

That food looked delish! Love your Menu Mondays and then pics of the food. Keep it coming! So glad Anna Ruth is doing so great. That last pic in her crib sucking her thumb is so so precious! Loved it to pieces.