Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Monday!

The best meals we had last week are the ones I posted.

The homemade whole wheat mac and cheese wasn't good. It tasted "healthy", a.k.a. "bland". Which I am NOT into. at all. However, hooray for finding some unprocessed things to cook that DID taste good!

Here's a look at what's on the menu this week
*Thai peanut whole wheat noodle salad

*Roasted eggplant spread whole wheat pasta, corn on the cob

*Pork tenderloin, Mediterranean Chickpea patties, salad

*Ground turkey tacos, edamame "guacamole", refried beans

*Veggie stir-fry

Anna's first park playdate post later. My girl had her 2 month shots today and needs her mama a bit extra. :)

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Heather said...

glad someone is eating healthy! i know someone who is not. hmm. anyway, i am so, so, thankful anna ruth had a good checkup at the heart doctor. more pics of that cutie pie please. love ya.