Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Four Months!!

All about Anna:

~She chews/slobbers on everything, but a few of her favorites are the camera strap, her hands, her taggie blanket, the front of her dress or shirt, someone's shoulder, or a toy

~Anna can pick something up, especially if it's laying on her chest. She holds onto things with both hands

~She adores her Daddy and the great outdoors-We usually await his arrival home on the front porch

~She rides much more peacefully in the car on short trips now-if she's hungry or tired, she jabbers loudly, sometimes putting herself to sleep

~She goes to bed around 8:30 or 9:00, and usually only wakes up once

~When she wakes in the morning she raises up on her arms and grins at me

~Anna Ruth can rollover both ways, but usually does from tummy to back at least once a day

~She jabbers quite loudly at times and has a very expressive face-especially her eyebrows

*Anna Ruth loves "standing" on something and also likes to look at herself in the mirror :)

*She enjoys her jumparoo, laying on a blanket outside, sitting on my lap on the deck steps, sometimes her bouncer seat, her swing on "high"

*She is cuddly in the morning and evening and sometimes when she wakes up from a nap

*Anna loves to be sung to-especially Jesus Loves Me, Doe a Deer, and You Are My Sunshine

*She stays on the move almost always-arms, legs,body,etc. Even when eating!

Life sure is different, blessed, and rich with our little girl.


steph said...

It was so good talking to you today! Love this post on your precious girl. I really like the pics of all her little parts especially the feet. Sounds like she is a busy girl and going above and beyond all her four month milestones.

Heather said...

I agree with Steph--she's only four months old?? She's doing things a six month old would do. She's just as precious as she can be. Honestly she keeps getting prettier and prettier. And I have nothing to say about her only waking once. NOTHING. :)