Thursday, October 20, 2011

I made Anna Ruth a hat.
haha-It's either cute or so homemade looking it's ugly and we'll let her Daddy decide when he gets home. :)

A look at our fallish mantle, complete with painted pinecones.

You should give this a try! Especially if you have kids old enough to paint and don't mind a little bit of mess. This would have been great fun to do in the classroom!

Anna's 4-month shots and check-up were yesterday.The Dr. said she's doing great, is strong, and sorta on the small size. He wants me to nurse her any chance I get. Now if I can just get Anna Ruth to clear her schedule long enough to eat we'll be good to go!

Brett is learning about stone work and building us some steps up to the front porch, using the native stone from the mountain I wrote about earlier.

We took a very short walk around the historic home part of Fayetteville last weekend....our favorite!!

We spent some time at momma and daddy's house last Sunday after church. Fun times playing outside!

We are looking forward to a cousin/Granna and Poppa Friday Field Day tomorrow!


Becca said...

Love the painted pinecones, may have the kids do that. Cute pictures, can't wait to see Anna Ruth (& you:) tomorrow, seems like it's been forever!

steph said...

Love the hat. It's definitely a keeper. I'm sure brett thought so too. Glad Anna's checkup and shots were good. Your fall mantle display looks great! Love the pops of turquoise. Hope you have a great field day today. Yahoo!