Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anna Ruth enjoying the jumparoo! What a fun, life-changing girl she is.

Date night! Brett and I had some great conversation this week ("great" meaning we needed to talk some things out and we did) and then had a very fun date Friday night. Isn't it sad I feel guilty posting we needed to talk things out? But, let's keep it real folks. Having a baby changes everything. Life and marriage take work. I encourage progress and communication for all couples. It makes marriage so much sweeter....and makes being in love better and better! Brett gave me butterflies walking up at Fall Party this weekend. Married for 3 years, a 4-month old, and butterflies?! I'll take it :)

Oh! We ate at Red Robin, visited the game story in the mall, and had our photo taken in a photo booth. So fun :)

We had Fall Party yesterday! It's the something annual party of the season! I just have a few pics.....Anna Ruth was busy singing "It's my Party and I'll Cry if I want To!"

Basically-she wanted her mama. Someday, I'll long to be needed. So for now I try to enjoy the constant holding at times. She's entered a bit clingy stage...

Caleb getting a tractor lesson from Uncle Brett and his Daddy....later on everyone went on a hayride on the tractor! (well, almost everyone....I stayed in with Anna, along with a few other family members and friends)

Catching up at Fall Party. Little did Grandma know we would see her the very next day for her party!

We had a surprise birthday party for Grandma today!! The girls and I were in the bathroom getting our picture made (Daddy was hiding in there, being the Watch person) and all of a sudden we saw Grandma and Papaw pull up. So we start screaming "Get DOWN, they're here, hide!" Brett took this quite literally and fell to the floor. Of course, Caleb wanted to follow :)

Lainey was a little giggle-box while waiting for Grandma to come through the door, so funny!

Here she comes.....we all jumped up yelling "Surprise!!!"
So. MUCH. Fun.

Grandma was very surprised to see her house full of people and treats!

What joy at what a surprise!!!!!

Fun pink party decor for Grandma!

Jana trying to coax Malachi to walk...such a sweet, sweet boy!

My teeny-tiny. :) Sometimes this is my nick-name for Anna Ruth.

I'm thinking cereal is in her near future! She'd rather be doing just about anything other than eating. Worries me, but she seems to be happy! She'll eat when she's hungry I suppose.

Playtime with Daddy!
Sometimes us girls would stay in this room at Grandma and Papaw's. It's so random but yesterday Jana and I both chimed in at the same time saying the sound of the heater is so relaxing to us because it reminds us of being cuddled up in bed in this room.

Showing cousin love with a finger in the ear-haha

Lots of help for making wishes!

Thank-you God for blessing children with the curiosity of their feet! What a great built-in toy.

Is Lainey jabbering or begging for bites? Doesn't matter, either one is sweet and cute!

Ashley taking a turn with Anna Ruth :)

We had tea parties (with real finger foods and sugar cubes) with Grandma growing up.

I love my sisters, these kids, and these photos. :) I want to get a big, big version of the not so posed one above to hang in my craft room. Pure joy in my eyes :)

my love

Pretty momma and a sneak peek at the "Anna's Owl" post that will come tomorrow!

Lots of fun was had on the trikes and bikes! Papaw offered $50 to a charity of choice for anyone who could ride a particular red trike that takes a certain amount of coordination. Of course Kyla did it and already had a charity in mind (an orphanage)

The Birthday Girl-a very young 75 :)

Hanging out on the sun-porch!

Scenes from Grandma and Papaw's house I remember vividly since childhood!

The "Narnia" closet-a seemingly normal looking coat closet full of toys and enough dress-up clothes to keep the imagination running wild for hours :)

Daddy got up at 4:00 yesterday and had been busy ever since! Catching some zzzzzz's.

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