Friday, October 28, 2011

The simple joys...

We sure are enjoying our cozy fall nights in the country!

Still not used to it getting dark soo early. Brett and I need/want to purchase a treadmill soon! We miss our nightly farm walks.....something to anticipate in Spring!

Anna Ruth has mastered putting her feet in her mouth so Brett wanted to give it a try :)

We had a Halloween party for playgroup yesterday! :) I'm enjoying these new friendships so much!

Anna Ruth has decided she is too big and busy to sit in her seat while I cook dinner so now she plays on the floor :) (or cries for me to hold her-she likes to be where the action is!)

Examing her little gourd she got at the pumpkin stand!

Sometimes when we're home all day Anna sleeps good and takes naps. Sometimes.

A lot of times she just refuses to give in to sleep. This was one of those days! She waited until about 6:45 to decide it was ok to take a nap. Haha, silly girl. I let her sleep for about 10 minutes and then made Brett wake her up!

Anna Ruth enjoys playing on her side quite often now!

She is so a joy. She smiles so big she crinkles her nose (reminds me of someone else near and dear) She laughed a bit yesterday!

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