Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well. I just returned from an evening of spying with Brett :). He had to do a project for one of his classes which involved watching customers and how they react to the marketing and displays in a store. So, off to Lowe's we went. I photographed poor unsuspecting customers and displays, while Brett jotted down notes. We must be pretty good at it because we weren't discovered. :)
Last night we went to Abby and Preston's house for a very nice dinner! Abby fixed roast and vegetables in the crockpot, and we also had salad and corn. We enjoyed seeing their house and looking at wedding photos! We also played a super fun game called "Bananagrams", which is similiar to speed scrabble.

Yesterday morning and afternoon I spent some time with Kyla and Nathan (and Becca and baby to be too) at their house. I got to do school with Kyla and then we played and played. Our day consisted of playing king and queen (I got to be the servant ) :) , going on a nomadic search for lunch, coloring, and reading. It was very fun!

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