Thursday, July 22, 2010

We had beautiful weather this morning and went on a hike for about 6 miles (total distance there and back) was the longest, most strenuous hike EVER. We were walking in water up to our knees a good part of the time. However, at the end of the hike was a beautiful beach....and along the hike was a neat waterfall (a huge one) and a kapok tree (just like the children's book The Great Kapok Tree). The camera is broken, so all the photos we took are on Brett's cell phone which we'll post when we get home. We also had an incredibly good Italian meal tonight.
The not so fun side of things here is that it rains every day starting at 3, and doesn't quit for the rest of the night. It also gets dark around 7:00...and there are lots of mosquitoes, all the time. We are having a great time though-just putting on lots of bug spray. :)


Becca said...

I always sleep well when it's raining at least :) Is the 7:00 darkness normal for there or weather related?? Glad you're getting to get out & see some things....Love, Becca

McCraine Family said...

Wow - water up to your knees?! That's intense hiking!! Enjoy your last day!! Love you!

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