Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today was our last day of summer school. What fun was had by all! Here's a quick peek at our day, in reverse order. We ended the day at Terra Studios. The students got to watch a bluebird making demonstration and a pottery demonstration. They also got to purchase something in the gift shop, and the lady I've been in contact with at Terra Studios surprised us with a bag of free bluebirds for every single kid, plus us adults when we left. WOW!!!
We ate at U. S. Pizza on Dickson st. for lunch!

Our morning was spent at Farmer's Market..... what fun! The best part of the day, for sure. Happy, healthy kids, perfect weather, helpful people, flowers and veggies....what more could you ask for? Top left: One of the students brought me a flower and asked me to put it in my hair :)
Middle: Fun group pic!
Top right: Eating a delicious tomato and giving it a thumbs up!

Top left: This man was playing beautiful music and the kids gave him a couple of dollars :)
Middle: THE. BEST. TOMATOES. EVER. Seriously. could eat them like candy.
Top right: :) my student last year, such a sweet, fun girl.

One of the main things we focused on teaching the kids was the meaning of a budget....they got money to spend at Farmer's Market and had to figure out what they could afford.

Over the last three weeks we also walked the kids to the Springdale Public Library on Tuesdays to participate in their summer reading program. It was a lot of fuN! There were read alouds, book chats, and hands on activities! Ms. Trudy ran the show and was fabulous. :) The kids also wrote haiku poems and painted canvases to go along, like you see in the pic above.
This was fun :).
happy 1st July-one interested customer for our condo,
house moving right along,
17 days 'till St. John Island
24 days until my 2nd year anniversary
lots of summer fun still to be had before the start of another school year!

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Becca said...

What a fun trip for the kids! (and you :)

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