Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thought I'd share a few pics of healthy foods we've been enjoying at the Torbett house! I do try pretty hard to be very knowledgeable about what's in the food we eat, how nutritional it is, fat content, etc. Most of the time that is (Notice-I chose NOT to display the bag of off-brand Doritoes we bought as a weekend treat) :)
Most days, we do you can't beat the peaches, nectarines, and cantaloupe we've been eating lately!

Brett and I went walking one night this week on the Scull Creek Trail in Fayetteville...we walked for about 2 and 1/2 miles. The trail was very busy with people and dogs :). Also, we parked at a playground to start the walk so I got to swing afterwards. What fun!
In House News-Everything has been submitted to bank for the loan, we should have the 9-1-1 address this week (waiting on one person to sign off on it), next call Electric Company, and also get perc test. THEN, start foundation (in a couple of weeks hopefully).

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Becca said...

Yay for progress on the house! Nathan LOVES spicy mustard lately too...regular mustard is his condiment of choice unless the kind you have pictured is an option, then he always chooses that :) And I've been wanting a good sandwich with bean sprouts and avocado lately...

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