Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No pictures today..
It started raining majorally hard around 6 o'clock (or earlier) this morning and it's now 7:00 p.m. and hasn't let up one bit. We're under a "flash flood warning" here (do these things follow us from Arkansas or what?) So, no beaches today.
However, no complaints here! Brett and I have been enjoying one another's company and have been reading a lot, playing Tetris on the computer :), talking, lounging, etc. We did venture into town earlier to get some dinner at the St. John Market (a regular grocery store) and rented the second Harry Potter movie so we're settled in for an enjoyable, safe evening. The roads here are steeeeeeep.....like so steep you wonder if you'll make it up. We only saw one road closed, and several police out but that made us feel safe :) Jan, the roads are like the one on the way to Mt. Nebo.
Maybe prettier skies tomorrow?
If not, we're holding out (by the looks of the weather forecast) for Thursday.

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McCraine Family said...

Tetris on the computer?! How fun! :) Sounds like the roads are verrry steep...be safe! Love you!

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