Monday, July 5, 2010

This weekend was a fun one! Saturday Brett and I picked blackberries at the farm. We plan on going back this weekend to get even more! (a lot of them were still red) We're thinking of freezing them.......

We also visited Fayetteville's Farmer's Market, which was very fun. We bought some tomatoes for $4 (a lot for that price and they are delicious!) There was a big crowd at the market, with lots of stands and music :)

We also went to Cavender's to look for Brett some work boots. No, he didn't get the skull shirt :) :) Sure made me laugh though! He did get some new workboots and some wranger's (pictured above) to work in on the farm. Haaandsome :).

Happy 2nd birthday Caleb! We celebrated at momma and daddy's house with friends and family....what fun we all had!

I climbed in this box (seen below) and clipped prizes to a fishing pole for the kids. Mikayla put it well when she said "Oh sara, the things you'll do for your niece and nephews." She's got that right!

Brett was off work today so we worked on some fence at the farm, saw some neat walking sticks, and took the boat out for a bit. Some unconsiderate man jumped OVER our boat (he was going super fast behind a boat on a wakeboard) while we were in the water by the boat swimming...... It made Brett very angry (the guy landed somewhat near me) was really a stupid, dangerous move and the guy was yelling "Yahoo" like it was a blast. So that took the enthusiasm out of our swimming, but we had a good time anyway. We were thankful he just soaked our boat (and my brand new Francine RIvers book) and didn't land on us.
Brett was ready to chase the guy down the lake ;). He is rather protective of me, and I'll take it! :)
p.s.-no buyer for the condo yet. False alarm earlier.

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McCraine Family said...

Love the pictures! The butterfly one is so neat! Can you email me the one of Caleb w/ the cake? (It wouldn't let me open it to save for some reason) Oh, and I guess Brett wasn't joking about the Wranglers the other day! :)

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