Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today was Pastor Red's message about writing down your desires in a list to God :). Brett is being silly below, trying to make his list fit in his shoe! I guess some people keep their list in their shoe. Ours are in more safe places!
Fun on the farm yesterday! I think this little calf is so cute.. :)

The calf on the left kept sticking it's nose in the snow and then licking it off with it's big tongue. It was amusing to see!
Neat :). Janice named this cow Sadie.
In our neighborhood....
I was walking in front of Brett and turned around to tell him something and saw "the look".....the one that means "I'm ornery and up to something". Turns out, he had a big snowball behind his back, just ready for me!

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Hannah Reasoner said...

You guys got a lot of snow! Love your "wish list".

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