Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last night I made some soup that turned out delicious! It's called "Italian Sausage Soup", and in addition to the italian sausage, had onion, garlic, whatever spices you like, lots of carrots, zucinni, stewed tomatoes, beef broth (or bouillon cubes and water, like I used). Anyhow, it turned out great! Brett and I both had it for dinner last night, lunch today, and I took some to our neighbor (and there's still some left over!)

For the recipe, go to and type in "Italian Sausage Soup" the comments left on the recipe for variations also.
With a whole week of snow days, whats a girl to do?
Sew, of course! :) I realize what a privilege it is to have a quiet house to sew in (as Becca reminded me). I know I won't always have time for projects on a daily basis, but for now it's either be grumpy about being stuck inside, or get happy and sew!

I made these placemats today! They are a tad "wrinkly", and the corners a bit high, but those are things I can improve the next time I make some! I think these would be a great gift idea.

So, let's pray away two things-1.) the white bumps on the back of my throat that have been there for quite some time (they're getting better, praise Jesus!)
2.) No more snowdays this winter! See, I'm sure everyone thinks it's all fun and cozy to be off for three weeks straight (and certain parts of it are, I admit!) BUT, we will basically be going to school into the summer until the cows come home.
we're talkin' a looong time.

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