Saturday, January 16, 2010

My first trip to North Carolina! We had a couple of free afternoons and went to the North Carolina Museum of History because it was free. I wasn't expecting much, but it was AWESOME!! It was definitely one of the BEST museum's I've ever been to. It was 4 stories!
I thought this doll was pretty and looked like something Kyla would like. :) "Hello Mr. Turtle!" Group shot above and neato looking snake below :)
Made some new friends.........

Jurassic Park, anyone?
Hmmm.........something looks familiar.........who loves wearing a wolf hide? Me, evidently ! At the museum we went in this room that had a lot of stuffed animals (literally-stuffed) and hides and things. The volunteer gave us the four easy steps to stuffing :) and then whipped out this wolf hide and said "Oh, but have you seen our wolf?" She was proud as could be and boy did we have fun! Some of the girls stood up with the wolf skin first, and then it was my turn and they were all saying "Get down on all fours!" What a wild time we had with the wolf :) :) :) .
Westwood Wolves :)

Owl (with cotton peeking out of it's eye sockets-hilarious!) YOU TOO, can stuff your own animals!
Neat display at Museum
The very, very fun group of girls I went on the trip with.They also had a room that was like a rainforest with butterflies flying around you could walk in.
We stayed at the Homewood Suites, by Hilton. It was extremely nice and Katy and I found our washclothes folded like this cute little duck :)
Trader Joes is my new favorite grocery store! It is like Ozark Natural Foods, but affordable! I bought some potato gnocci there (italian product) and some great tea and trail mix (with mostly nuts)We stopped for frozen custard in the group picture above and ate it in Big Bertha. :) Big Bertha was what we named our HUGE 15 passenger white van we rode around in for three days.....oh boy, did we have some Bertha jokes. We talked about her as if she were real, saying "Bertha can turn on a dime" and "Bertha sure can make those u-turns". :)
The last picture is the girls and I sitting in front of the warm, beautiful fireplace at our hotel.

Other highlights: We visited 2 schools (that WAS the reason for the visit afterall )
We were RIGHT by a Joann fabric, but I didn't go in. So close! I did get some neato shams from World Market (another neat store) for 90% off that I'm going to use for sewing.
I found a Karen Kingsbury book I don't already have for $3.99 at the Border's there!
Back to house chores for me...I'm proud of Brett for fixing our leaky water in the tub!

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