Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New wreath! This is made from burlap, and red material I already had. I wrapped the wreath form in burlap first, then cut out random circles and started gluing them on. Total cost-about $1.75! :) (The wreath form was from Dollar Tree, and the burlap was less than $2.00, plus I still have some left over)

I am thinking of hanging the wreath from a scrap of material or burlap,but for now I like it :).

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jenjen said...

Your wreath turned out so great! I love it!!! Do you mind if I post about it sometime? I would love to do a post about people who have been inspired by projects I have done. I like your wreath even better than mine. That red material is so cute!

And that lamp redo with the shade is darling!


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