Friday, January 1, 2010

Date night at Harp's :) (we are obviously easily entertained!)

hahaha :) Fun in the parking lot (no worries, the cart battery was already dead)

There is a story about this lamp shade. Today, Becca was over at the condo and we were working on some sewing projects. Suddenly I looked at the lampshade I really dislike in our living room and decided I would cut it up. :) So, the picture above is the lamp shade before any harm was done!

This is the lamp shade after I cut all the dark material off. I decided to quickly sew a form for the shade, using material from a cheap bedsheet I purchased at Target a while back. I mainly wanted to sew a form for the shade to see if it was even worth my time to try and recover the shade myself. I took about 15 minutes to make the form for the shade, slipped it over the top, and thats what you see in the picture below!! Great fit! I am going to buy some inexpensive material at the Springdale Wal-mart tomorrow and sew another form for the lampshade. I will then glue the top and bottom of the shade under and will have a new shade!! Yeah!

I made a red polka dot pillow today when Becca came over. I have never made a pillow before and was pleased with how it turned out. :)

It turned out rather small (as it looks here on the couch) so I ended up sitting it in the recliner to add some color!

Yum-breakfast! I probably haven't made breakfast for Brett and I in about a year or so...we usually just do a hard-boiled egg, cereal, or granola bar. So, today I made waffles! :)

"cuties" - We eat these for a snack at home. They are delicious!

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