Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today was farm day!This is Jack and Major :). Jack put Major on top of the hay bales and it was pretty funny. Major found some mice hiding under the lawn mower in the barn today. We (Brett, Jack, and I) were cleaning up/out the barn and every now and then you'd see one of the mice go runnin' out the barn, cause Major was rooting around by the mower. You bet I squealed like a girl!
Pretty view from inside the barn.
these two old doors have so much character and are just fantastic, in my opinion. Found them in the barn today!
There are also two old beds that are neat looking as well out there.
Caleb took this picture of his momma! He and Seth and Jana came out for a while today. I had a great time visiting with Jana and playing with Caleb. He's such a fun little guy.
Coloring! This was before Caleb figured out it was fun to drop the crayons all over the floor too!:)
Almost got a smile out of him...... :)
happy, handsome boy

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