Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok, so after ANOTHER day of snow I gave in and thought "Why not have some fun in this stuff?!" We built the snowman, of ALL snowmen today! The boys (Jack and Brett) obviously did the stacking (the stacking of the cat too) :) :)
We also went sledding at the farm....Brett built a tiny snow ramp and you could really get some air! Hurt the bottom when you came down, but it was SO FUN!! I wore myself out doing this.....

SUPER Brett !

Nothin' like sledding over frozen cow patties! :)


McCraine Family said...

Your snowman made me laugh, and the sledding looks like sooo much fun! Makes me excited for when we live on our farm!

RC said...

That is a MAJOR snowman! It will probably take a week for it to all melt. You should take a picture of it to school with you. Your students would be surprised that you played out in the snow.

Becca said...

Looks like fun! Don't let Kyla see the snowman, mine was SO pitiful & she was SO frustrated!!!

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