Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did some baking today! I realize it's a bit early for Valentine treat bags, but there are Banana Crumb Muffins ( inside to be delivered to the girls tomorrow (Barbara and Jill, my fellow teachers). These muffins are super quick and easy and are delicious! They make a lot though so they're better for a family or for sharing!
This is the material I got at the new fabric shop past Elkins, Lonesome Pine Quilts. Aren't they fun?!

This is one of the pillow shams I bought in N.C. at World Market. There were two this size (it is good thick material) for under $4! I am going to turn them into something else!

Congrats to my sis Becca who won the 40/29 photo contest!!! :)


Becca said...

cute fabric, I love the middle 2!!

McCraine Family said...

I love the fabric! I'll have to go there with you sometime! Maybe we can go the next time we get together with Becca!

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