Monday, July 4, 2011

Summertime fun

Anna Ruth love! :) We went to a cookout this weekend with friends and Anna Ruth was adored...and loved on. It is so nice to have other people hold my girl, but I just love getting her back for myself too. :)

We had company again last week! Thanks Becca and kids for coming to see us and bringing treats and fellowship. :)
Nanna and friends came too!
Just a few pics I took of my girl...
Happy birthday to Caleb today!!

We have been busy, busy around here. Brett commented yesterday that we've gone and done way more with Anna Ruth than we did before she was born! We've been to "town" (that's Fayetteville for us country folk) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for most of the day! We've been shopping for front porch things, out to eat, hanging with grandparents, to a cookout, etc. Loads of fun! Our great friends from Texas are in town this weekend too-what a treat.


McCraine Family said...

GREAT pictures!!! (especially the smiling one, and the ones where you can see her pretty eyes) I love it all!

Becca said...

adorable! Anna Ruth's looking so bright-eyed!