Thursday, July 14, 2011


We had a lot of lightning one night this week and Brett captured these neat pics.

haha-Brett teases me about my love of watermelon. I won't tell you how much watermelon I've eaten this week... :)
Cuddling with daddy's t-shirt while he was at work.
"Hi Granna!"
Sleeping in nana's arms..
every Sunday Janice, my mom-in-law, has "Sister's meeting". There are seven sisters in her family and they get together (most of them anyway) every Sunday afternoon. This week it was at our house so everyone could see Anna Ruth :).
Norm and Uncle Jack

There are neat things everywhere on the farm! This was right outside our house..Brett thought the turtle was going to lay eggs (it had dug a hole underneath it) but it never did. :( Boo. maybe we scared it off.

Anna is growing so fast she's showering now! :)
Cute skirt on her onesie..

Thanks Grandma and Papaw for taking us to lunch and coming to visit!
Tummy time with Mama
Our dear friends, Luis and Regina, came to visit over the 4th from Texas! We got to meet their new son Marcel, and they got to meet Anna Ruth.

Hi Marcel!


steph said...

Somehow I missed the last post. Love all the pics of Anna Ruth outside. You guys are the busiest parents with a newborn I've ever seen. You look fabulous by the way. And I've eaten tons of watermelon too. My favorite food!

Becca said...

I LOVE watermelon too :) Cute pictures!