Monday, July 18, 2011

We got to hang out with family this weekend at Kyla's 6th birthday party. I remember the day Kyla was born so six seems very grown-up to me!

This face is classic Anna Ruth :)

My girl and I

Anna Ruth is adored by her cousins!

Thanks Papaw for holding Anna so my arms could have a break :)

Look who's walking!

Fun times at Kyla's party again!

Anna wore shoes for the first time the other day..they didn't last. Sure were cute though!

We met Jana and the kids at the mall to have lunch last week. These are Lainey girls beautiful curls!

Anna loved her bath time this week!

Anna is not loving sleep the last couple of days. She is wide awake and fussy a lot (yesterday and today). Not sure why, and I've tried everything I can think of to help get her happy. I love my girl so much but would love for her to get some rest so I can too. :) Aren't newborns supposed to sleep for hours a day? Already, our girl is beating the odds. :)

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steph said...

Anna Ruth is too precious for words. I loved the close-up shots! And those fancy shoes. So sweet. Ingrid wasn't much of a day sleeper for a long, long time. She finally takes good naps and she's one! hahaha. But she was a good night sleeper so I can't complain.