Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Anna Ruth had a pretty good fist pump for vacation!

and cuddle with Daddy!Anna Ruth slept like a pro during a dinner at Red Lobster, which was delicious and relaxing!A smile? Look at that hand go! Such an active, busy girl...

Bright eyes....
All this vacationing must be hard work!

Ooops-This one ended up on here twice but it was just too cute to take off.

We're training her right.....Bass Pro Shop. :)
I had a delicious salad at Cantina Lorado at the Branson Landing...
On the way home we got to visit Steph and Ingrid! (and see Derek for a minute too) It was so neat to meet Ingrid for the first time and see her beautiful smile and hear her sweet voice. I so enjoyed this visit. :)
We met a nice retired couple at breakfast on our trip...they were from Kansas, headed to Arkansas to stay at Beaver Lake in a few weeks. They said they'd wave to us :)
We had attention, and lots of it, every. single. place. we went! Anna Ruth draws a crowd :) and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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Becca said...

cute, glad you had a good time!