Monday, June 27, 2011

Anna Ruth had her first tummy time yesterday! She was a champ and did great!! She didn't cry at all.....and here she is lifting her head.She raised her head and moved it from one side to the other. (which of course her momma thought was the most amazing feat EVER)
she also looooved raising up on her toes like this. Brett asked if she was walking yet :)

Anna and I also "played" with a toy and read a Karen Katz book. Awake time is so much fun!
"Daddy's Little Princess" and I (and Brett of course) went on a walk last night and all the neighbors wanted to come down and see her. I've never heard a girl get so many compliments in one night. :) She won't be short on attention around here.
Caleb and Lainey's birthday parties were at my parents house on Sunday. This is a picture of the beautiful landscaping job my parents have done to their yard!

My mom made these ADORABLE cupcakes. :)
Meet your cousins, Anna Ruth!
:) Sweet moment with Nathan and "Uncle Brett"
Brett is such a good husband/daddy. I appreciate him taking most of the party pics, without me even asking! :) It gave me a glimpse of some of the fun I didn't see because I was inside. He adores Anna Ruth and looks for opportunities to give me a break when I need it. He scoops her up the minute he gets home from work. Reminds me of another great daddy I've known for even longer :) :) :)

Jana, the kids, and Brittany came to visit last week! Caleb was making the "Daddy bear hold the elephant baby". HAHA
Art time at Aunt sara's! Caleb picked out the beautiful flowers in the background for me and came walking up to the house with them. SO sweet.

Lainey enjoyed Anna's swing! This is what Anna sleeps in each night.

Brett and I talked over several conversations about what we want to stand for in our house and family....and this is what we came up with. I made this canvas and it hangs by our bedroom/great room.
It hangs to the left, above the thermostat. We see it often!
Farm beauty

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