Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pasta anyone?Today I had a very nice visit from a fellow teacher and her husband. They were so kind to come by the condo to wish Brett and I well and to drop off this gift! Brett is at work so I called him to make sure it was okay with him if I opened the gift-it was :). We got this nice pasta set! It actually came with four bowls....and showed soup (or sauce for the pasta) in the pot.

9 days until the wedding..... :) For those of you who don't know, we will be going to Big Cedar Lodge afterwards for several days. We are looking forward to fishing, relaxing, being outdoors, and wonderful food. We have been impressed with the service so far and we haven't even arrived yet.

This is my current "educational read". I have been working away at this book and am slowly starting to make progress. It is a very, very lengthy book but one of the best I have ever read. If you are a teacher or parent I highly recommend it! (Even if you have a daughter like my niece Kyla who already loves to read :) )

This afternoon I will be making 7 layer dip and stuff for tacos, which I'm going to share with Seth, Jana, and Brett tonight (caleb will have to watch this time). I'm excited! I'm also going to try this freezer recipe for Spinach Chicken Enchiladas.
I'll have to get Jan to give me a report on them after they have them for dinner at a later date.

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